Web Design Musings

I first started writing Web pages back in the days when Mosaic was "that cool experimental thing from UIUC"; I've learned some things that might be worth documenting (or might not, but I'm opinionated enough to do it anyway). Since the Web can obviously encompass discussion of itself, the documentation wound up here.

What's New (last update 1998-08-18)

The pages have moved to their new and hopefully permanent home; as usual, I ran them through an update/edit pass in the process.


My principles of web design
Some guidelines that I try to follow when writing pages and designing sites, and why I think they're good rules to follow.
Best viewed with style
Stylesheets: why they're important, why they're useful, and why I'm using them.
Web design resources
An annotated list of sites that I've found useful resources for Web design.

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Christopher Davis
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