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An earlier and more convoluted version of this site was originally known as "RFC 1876 Resources" (so named because the DNS LOC record is defined in RFC 1876). When building this new site, I decided to change the name to avoid being tied to a particular RFC, since any future RFC extending or redefining the DNS LOC record would have a new number.

As part of the redefinition, I've also designed a new (and somewhat larger and more self-explanatory) logo for the effort; unfortunately, due to bandwidth constraints, I don't think it'll be practical to have everyone inline the image from this server. You are welcome (and encouraged) to copy it to your own server and use it on your pages, with a link to

The original RFC 1876 is also available.

dns-loc mailing list

The old rfc1876-users mailing list has also been renamed and rehomed (and a digest version has been added). To subscribe, send mail to (or for the digest version).

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