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This page will highlight sites making DNS LOC information available for their hosts, both to help those who want to see what LOC information is out there and to encourage more sites to support DNS LOC.

Please mail information about sites (whether yours or others) that have added LOC information to their DNS zones to


Maps showing the locations of known LOC-supporting sites will be available here soon. Mail to add hosts to the list.

Here are some maps of hosts known to have LOC records (generated with Generic Mapping Tools). To submit your hosts, send mail to

Suggestions for other areas to map would be appreciated.


[Europe map]

Coterminous USA

[Coterminous USA map]

San Francisco Bay area

[San Francisco Bay map]


[World map]


The following sample domains have LOC records for some or all hosts. A sample host with LOC information is listed in parentheses, unless the domain itself has a LOC record. This list may be useful for testing applications that use LOC data; to make this more useful, I have included hosts from each quarter of the globe. The list is not intended to be complete, merely representative.

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